CAPTCHA - Advanced

The advanced settings for CAPTCHA allows greater customization of CAPTCHA.

If you are new to CAPTCHA, you may want to check out our basic CAPTCHA page first.

Before customizing your CAPTCHA, you should be familiar with the big Clear the CAPTCHA placement cache button.

This button is the fixer of CAPTCHA cache issues

Drupal caches parts of CAPTCHA to make it more efficient.  If you change a form that has CAPTCHA, changed any of the advanced settings, or CAPTCHA is misbehaving, clear the CAPTCHA cache to see if this fixes it.

Description is the first advanced setting.  You can enter in your own description or not display the description.

If you uncheck the checkbox, your description field will disappear.

Default CAPTCHA validation allows you to decide if the CAPTCHA is case sensitive.  Out of the box CAPTCHA is math based, so this does not apply.

With other advanced CAPTCHA modules, this might come in handy.

Persistence is tricky.  Select a wrong setting and CAPTCHA might not always CAPTCHA.  It is best to stick with the default setting.

Remember, when in doubt, Default it out!

Enable statistics allows you to see how CAPTCHA is doing.  It will display a counter on your status page.  It is best to leave this functionality turned off.

Log wrong responses captures the wrong answers.  This writes to log.  If you turn this on, like Enable statistics, you will increase the burden on Drupal.  It is best to leave this off.  This is only good for tracking down evil wrong doers.

Stick with the defaults and do not check these.

Remember to save your settings!