Module - Releases

Modules come in various releases.  Knowing the correct release is important.

Modules come in various flavors or versions.

Modules, especially popular ones, come in various releases.  Knowing the correct version is crucial.

There are several top points to consider when selecting a module version
Get the right Drupal version number for your site.
Get the right release.


Get the right Drupal version number for your site.  This is the first number in the release.  The seven is for Drupal 7, six is for six, and so on.  Get the correct corresponding version.  Granted, Drupal will not even let you install the wrong version, but play it safe, and double check.

The first number is the version. 

Get the right release is the next consideration to select.  Drupal wants you to select the correct release so it gives hints.  Like a stop light, green is good, yellow is caution, and red is probably not.  Drupal also lists them that way green on the top and red on the bottom.

Color coding and listing makes it simpler to select a Drupal instance.

Recommended release - The developer is strong confident that the module works.
Other release - These are branches to accommodate a specific issue or enhancement.
Development -  These are not to be used.  These contain functionality that needs to be tested.