Module - Uninstall

Drupal makes uninstalling a module easy!

The first like all Drupal steps is to back up your database.  Always back up your database.

With the database backed up navigate to the modules page admin > modules and scroll to the module that you would like to have removed.  Click the check box in front of that module, thus removing the check box.

Note in this example, the CAPTCHA module check box is grayed out, thus it can not be uninstalled.  It is grayed out because other modules depend on it.  You will have to uninstall those other modules before you could uninstall the CAPTCHA module

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save configuration.

Next, click the Uninstall tab at the upper right of the modules page.

Click the Uninstall tab.

On the uninstall page, it will list all the modules that can be permanently removed.  Check the box in front of the module that you want uninstalled and click the uninstall button.

In this example, only one module can be unistalled.

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to uninstall this module.

Last chance to back out!

If the uninstall is successful, you get the generic green confirmation.

Your first uninstall!  Im so proud of you.

Ensure that you remove that module from your code base.  It is bad practice to have dead code on your site.

Be wise to the following in regards to uninstalling a module:

  • Any schema/db tables created by the module will be removed.
  • The uninstalled module will still be listed until the files are removed from the file system.
  • Custom variables if coded properly, will be removed.