Modules - Finding Modules

Finding modules in Drupal can be a challenge.  Here are some tips to find the perfect module for your site.

The best way to find a good module for your site is to see what other developers are using and the best way to find what other modules developers are using is to check the usage list.

The usage list for Drupal modules is (A new window will open with this link).

This page lists all the modules that are actively being downloaded and used.

The list is listed in order of popularity.

Be advised, this list might be a little skewed.  The list is based on feed back from Drupal sites that use the update module.  For more information on how this list is created check out:

After seeing what other developers are using, and you find something that might be useful, clicking the link will take you to that modules usage page.  From this page, you can see the actual break down of usage based on version. 

This is the usage for PathAuto. As you can see, it is a vary popular module.

If you want to pursue the module, you can click the project page link.

The red arrow indicates the link to take you to the module's project page.

Before you go any further, we recommend that you look at the following: