Webform - 4 - Configuring your email.

We need to tell Drupal where to send the webform submissions, thus we need to set up an email.  On the webform edit page, click the emails button to bring up the email configuration.

This is the new and blank email address configuration for web form.

This is simple.  Just enter in the email that you want the submission sent to and click the add button.

The email address can be any valid email address.

After selecting an email for the webform to submit to, you can now customize it.  There are lots of options for costumization!

The first grouping of customization is the the email subject.  By default, Drupal will include generic text.  In this example, the generic text is Form submission from: Contact Us.
If you want to jazz it up a little, click the custom radio button and enter in your subject text.

Every component for an email will be customizable.

Next you can change the From the address, but lets not.  Its the address that is built into the system when you first installed Drupal.  Also, you can change the from name associated with the email.

Webform has a simple email template for you.  This includes the basics of the submission.  The bracketed items are tokens.  Drupal will replace these bracketed items with the actual values when the email is sent.

This is the generic email template

You can tweak your email template. You can add additional information and tokens.

Click the Save e-mail settings button.

Is it e-mail or email?

When you click the save button, you will be directed back to your contact us webform overlay page.

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